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Pitbull Dad

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Introducing a shirt that states is as plainly as your lips can speak it! Wear your parental position loud and proud! We're working on getting someone that can take a decent picture to replace the current one...but trust looks great!

This shirt has come from the simple inspiration of letting the public know that you are the fortunate Dad to a loyal and loving pit bull breed child.

We have chosen to print this design on our buttery soft Cotton/Poly blend crew neck. We chose this tee because it washes up great and soft…and because this shirt in particular can be offered all the way up to a 4XL so that we can offer this to even more pit breed dads!

On the back we have chosen to place the KAE-O slogan because we feel like it is applicable to all pit bull parents.

Born from Love can universally be translated as the relationship that is born between a pittie child and their parent. Driven by Passion demonstrates that every parent that owns a pit knows the perceptions that they will encounter and the accountability they accept to prove the general public’s perception incorrect by being a responsible pit bull owner. Fighting for Life is what we all must do to help preserve the lives of these incredible animals and do whatever we can do to prevent any unjustified euthanization and encourage others to rescue perfectly mannered and loving pits from a local rescue.

Instead of wearing our heart on our sleeve, we choose to wear our paw on our sleeve to leave no doubt that we wear our badge proudly!

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As with all of our products, a generous portion of our profits will go to our partnered non-profit foundation - Karma Rescue.

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  • Super Soft 52% Cotton - 48% Poly blend.
  • Black Shirt with 1-color print.
  • Made and printed in the USA.
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