If it’s wrong to judge a book by the cover or judge a person by the color of their skin, why is it OK to judge a dog by its face -- and instantly decide it is something to fear?

At KAE-O, (pronounced K-O, short for Knock Out), we believe pit bulls deserve better. That’s why we designed a unique clothing line for men and women that includes extremely comfortable and soft tees, hoodies, fightwear, underwear and more...all aimed to fight, and knock out, negative pit bull stereotypes, while raising money to support the people who share our passion.

We have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Corry and she allowed us to be the sole manufacturer and distributor of her One Million Pibble March tees and hoodies. During this time we donated 100% of ALL PROFITS sold on our site. Just as Rebecca is dedicated to her mission to help the pit bull breed through her Stand Up for Pits Foundation (501C.3), KAE-O is also committed to her by continuing to contribute 25% of all of our profits (after cost) to Stand Up for Pits Foundation

We are proud to introduce our partnership with ComedyCures Foundation! For the month of October we will be donating 25% of profits from our Pitties & Titties shirt to ComedyCures in addition to our 25% donation to Stand Up For Pits Foundation.

Please explore our site to learn more about these loving and loyal dogs, as well as our efforts to rescue pit bulls and educate people. Also please note that our female model is Katie Blair the 2011 Miss California USA and loyal pit bull owner and supporter!