Inspiration often comes from the unlikeliest sources. In this case, KAE-O clothing started because I kept seeing people avoid me while I was walking my sweet and loving rescued pit bull, Kayo. Other dog owners would proactively snatch up their pets and parents would haul their children to the other side of the street in unjustified fear of my pooch.

Several times, I stopped and politely asked them to meet Kayo and explained that she is a playful and happy dog who just wants to be loved and love someone back!

So, I decided to create and sell T-shirts, and other clothing, that draw positive attention to and dispel people’s misconceptions about pit bulls, and then use some of the money to help these dogs.

After playing around with PhotoShop for more hours than I’d like to admit, and finally getting some ideas onto a few T-shirts – my KAE-O clothing line was born!


Born From Love

KAE-O was born from love for the amazing, beautiful and ever-loyal dog breed known as the pit bull terrier.

Driven By Passion.

KAE-O is dedicated to properly educating people about pit bulls and dispel the popular misconceptions that all pit bulls are mean, vicious and violent animals.

Fighting for Life.

KAE-O will fight against the abuse and abandonment of pit bulls by donating a generous portion of its proceeds to our 501C.3 partner Karma Rescue of Los Angeles!

Pits in this picture are the late Miss Pitunis and retired actor, now therapy dog Tucker. Photography by Lynn Terry


How Kayo came into my life is a very short, but very necessary story!

Kayo was actually rescued twice before she came into my life. She was rescued first from a local shelter by an amateur boxer who named her Kayo, pronounced K-O and short for Knock Out.

Unfortunately, he was the type of owner that gives pit bull owners a bad reputation. He neglected her, yelled at her and whipped her with a chain one day when she got too excited and urinated on the rug.

Then, Kayo was rescued again by a close friend of mine who saw the mistreatment and took Kayo home with her. Kayo’s new living arrangement proved to be temporary, however, as I quickly fell in love with her and became her proud new father!

Now, Kayo and I are empowering her name and hope to KNOCK OUT as many stereotypes and negative perceptions of pit bulls as we can!